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John Bailey (JT) Bio

Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach / Stretch and Flexibility Coach


Trainer John (JT) Bailey focuses on holistic health, nutrition and wellness modalities. JT works with each unique person, learning more about their career, dietary habits and home life to create an individualized integrated approach; coaching using various techniques such as foam rolling and assisted stretching improving functional mobility, to salt baths and mindfulness practices improving circadian rhythm (sleep management) and more.


A nature and wellness enthusiast, JT really enjoys helping clients find and create a health and wellness routine that improves all facets of health. Teaching and providing integrated training to individuals in a qualitative manner, and implementing strategies that best fit their lifestyle and capabilities. Empowering his clients to improve health, optimize wellness, and achieve performance goals on the field, in the gym, studio, or at home each and every day. JT truly loves what he does, and working at R4F because it gives him the opportunity to assist people in functional movement. Allowing clients to do more of what they love and enjoy the beauty of this earth.


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutrition Coach

Certified Stretch and Flexibility Coach

Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED for Adult, Child and Baby

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