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how to use red light therapy for weightloss

One of the many benefits of red-light therapy is the ability to accelerate weight-loss and promote natural, healthy weight-loss management. Red-light therapy supports improved metabolism and fat reduction. Moreover, using red-light treatments as part of a healthy lifestyle can help optimize a natural weight-loss routine for healthy and lasting results. Learn more about the benefits of red-light therapy for weight-loss with this overview.

Improve Metabolism

High metabolism burns more calories, which in turn reduces fat and aids weight-loss. Red-light therapy plays a role in boosting the body’s metabolism by increasing cellular energy. As red light penetrates the cells, it restores enzymes and stimulates greater ATP production, both of which promote greater healing and energy in the body. As a result, cells have more energy to perform at optimal levels. Better cell performance leads to greater vitality and a faster-acting metabolism.

Reduce Fat Cells

Red-light therapy offers a natural way to get rid of fat cells and fatty acids in the body. A 2013 study by Harvard researchers suggests that exposure to red light creates pore-like openings in fat cells through which the fatty acids known as lipids can leak out.

Additionally, red light stimulates adipocyte apoptosis, bringing about the natural death of fat cells. Both processes serve to reduce fat cells and aid in weight-loss.

Better Sleep, Less Stress

Better sleep and less stress are intertwined with healthy weight-loss. Daily stress and fatigue make it harder to keep up with nutrition and fitness routines.

Routine red-light therapy sessions help improve sleep by promoting melatonin production and assist your body’s natural sleep cycle. Studies have also shown that red-light therapy can lower stress levels and lead to increased energy throughout the day, both of which help combat insomnia.

At Recovery for Fitness we have a Prism Light Pod’s full-body red-light therapy bed that features six optimized use-case settings, including a setting for weight-loss management. Adding red-light therapy sessions alongside your wellness routines can optimize your body’s natural processes and create a healthy, holistic approach to weight-loss.

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